Vineyard Canyon Iron Designs


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We started doing the Metal Work in an attempt to use our creativity as means of affording our life in this beautiful piece of the world.


Pot Rack






This is an example of a custom Head-Board consisting of a Vine theme.  It could be created to fit any size bed and can be accompanied by a matching foot-board.

Chimenia or Fire Pit.  It is 80" tall and 19" wide at the base.  When burning wood it will radiate heat to keep you and your guests warm.

This is a fire pit with a vine theme.  It is 24" in Diameter and 26" tall.  Our fire pits can be designed to your specs and taste.

An Abstract Created by
5' Tall x 3' Wide

This is the basic Fire Pit.  24" in Diameter 21" tall.  Fire pits can be custom made to meet your needs and taste.

Horseshoes Coffee table with T&G top.  Could be made with different components to fit your taste.

Large Ranch Flower.  Created by Elisabeth.   Her version of a Huge Sunflower.
Life size Goat cut-out.  Modeled after Bruce, our big Boar goat.
Horseshoe Wreath decorated with ranch grown Rosemary and Lavendar.
Flowers that never die.  Different designs available.

Butterfly garden Stake

Abstract 3-D Sheet Metal Sculpture By Elisabeth.
Dean working on a Headboard with a Vine theme.  See above photo.


Elisabeth, the master torcher, cuts a Goat Silhouette using Qxy-Acetylen. 

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